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Smith Financial Corporation

We are excited to announce we have a  tailored group life and disability insurance policy just for member practice’s and their employees.  This comes with special pricing and added benefits that can only be purchased through IPC as a member.  We are in the final stages of preparing for roll out for the plan, January 1.  It doesn’t cost anything to compare your current program and see how much you can save while improving the quality of coverage.  As a supporter of IPC for the last 5 years, I work with all aspects of employee benefits and will be happy to ensure the package you have is successful for you and your employees.

Derek Smith    704-663-7040

OncoTAb  Contact: Rahul Puri 

images-6Thank you for allowing me to sponsor your meeting.  As a former independent practice owner, I know how important it is to collaborate with your fellow independent peers, and I plan to sponsor future events.  My company hopes to also help practices add ancillary services that are good for the patients, easy to implement, and profitable.  I run turn-key diagnostics programs which include vascular ultrasound, autonomic nervous assessments, home sleep testing, and balance ENG/VAT testing.  My business plan allows for physicians to strictly lease the services or buy-in (like a time-share for the equipment).  I also help practices set up dispensing programs for both durable medical equipment (DME) and medication dispensing.  Again, thank you for allowing me to sponsor and I look forward to doing it again in the near future.

Eric Kirsch, Integrated Health Solutions

OutlookEmoji-1458662163535_logo   We currently have locations in Rock Hill and Lancaster, Charlotte-Arboretum and Charlotte-Cotswold.

Our Health Mart pharmacy specializes in serving our community with fast, friendly, professional service and the highest-quality medicines and health products. There’s nothing more important to us than your family’s well-being. Our pharmacists take the time to counsel you and answer your questions. Visit us for all your healthcare needs!

Carolina Pharmacy


iOrthoBIOLOGIX would like to thank the Independent Physicians Group of the Carolinas for allowing us to host their August meeting at our Center.  It was our distinct pleasure to be the Sponsor and we look forward to a subsequent opportunity in the future.

iOrthoBIOLOGIX is an Innovative Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center located in Charlotte/Ballantyne specializing in the imaging assisted, precision guided delivery of Advanced, Autologous Stem Cell & Bio-Restorative formulations into and around injured and painful joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves to facilitate the alleviation of pain, improve function and promote tissue restoration.  We are actively accepting new referrals which can be done by calling our Center at 980-859-2340 or emailing  More information can be found on our website at


Paradigm Labs is committed to bringing the latest technology and clinical information to practices.  We focus on 4 products across 2 main specialties.

We bring specialty testing to the place where patients see their most trusted provider, Primary Care.  The 2 leading causes of death in the US are heart attacks and cancer.  We offer blood tests that can help identify patients at the greatest risk.  50% of patients that have a heart attack had normal cholesterol.  We offer advanced lipid testing and other blood wellness tests to give you better predictors to help guide clinical decisions.

Cancer genetics testing is for patients who have had cancer or who have a family history of cancer and want to identify potential hereditary risk.  A checklist helps identify your patients that may qualify for insurance coverage (see attached).  At Paradigm, we call the insurance company to qualify the patient and there are no surprises because we also contact the patient before we run the test to discuss coverage or any out of pocket expenses.  When results come back, we provide management guidelines that help you take the next life saving steps for that patient.  We also provide access to licensed Genetics Counselors who can provide insight on test/panel selections and assist with any questions post results. Cancer genetics testing can be utilized in many different specialties including family practice, internal medicine, primary care, pediatrics, integrative and preventative medicine, oncology, and gynecology.

In Pain Management, in addition to urine drug testing, we offer blood hormone testing.  In a recent study by Dr. Forest Tennant published in April 2016 Practical Pain Management, it was shown chronic pain patients have a high likelihood of imbalances in their hormones.  With replacement, Physicians could prescribe fewer opioids with better patient outcomes.  We offer panels and management guidelines making it easy for practices to implement this advancement in pain treatment.

Nick Wyatt



Colleen Dey, Practice Administrator, MDC Medical Management, email Colleen

Debbi Hogg, CPC, Owner, Physicians Practice Consulting & Management (PPCM), email Debbi

Mary Gregory, Consultant, MAS Coding Solutions, email Mary

Rhonda Granja, Consultant, Rhonda Granja Consulting, email Rhonda

Delisa Maney, MBX Medical Billing Experts, email Delisa 

Chris Reilly, Merrill Lynch Retirement & Personal Wealth, email Kelli Scott 

Alison Talleri, DAS Health , email Alison

Stephen Fogg, Fogg Healthcare Communication Strategy, email Stephen Fogg 

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Rebecca Boyce, Respiratory Therapist, Home Town Oxygen

Frank Bradshaw, Dental Manufacturing Representative, Hu-Friedy

Joya DiCristo, Sales & Business Development, Imagine software

Sy King, Apex Health Solutions, Email

Kat McDonald, Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Wellness Solutions

Ian Overcarsh, Mortgage Consultant, SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

David Sims, Healthcare IT/HIPAA Compliance, Carolina Computer Concepts

Amy Wingfield, Medical Management Consultants, Email

Brandi Wyant, Operations Manger, Choice Translating

Melissa Valenzuela, Patient Coordinator, Ballantyne Diagnostic and Sleep Center 

Justin L’Ecuyer, Giver, Mako Medical Laboratories 

Jimmy Coleman, Giver, Mako Medical Laboratories 

Stephen Fogg, Marketing, Fogg Media