Welcome to Independent Physicians of the Carolinas (aka: Charlotte Independent Docs)

Independent Physicians of the Carolinas is a nonprofit corporation 501(c)(6) based in Charlotte, NC. Our mission is to unite medical physicians in the south Charlotte metro area who are not a part of a hospital based network. We want to provide a network for those independent physicians to use as support and to educate the public about who we are.

Benefits of Choosing an Independent Physician

  • More face time with physician – Independent physicians do not have to meet daily patient quotas and can decide how much time to spend with a patient.
  • More scheduling flexibility – Patients can usually get same or next day appointments with an independent physician.
  • Lower charges for self pay patients – Independent physicians usually charge less to their patients than a network provider, which translates to less out of your pocket.
  • Lower cost provider – Your insurance pays as much as 300% more to a network provider than to an independent physician, so you can help reduce your insurer’s costs.

9 Reasons to Choose an Independent Physician