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Integrative/Holistic/Functional Medicine

Dr. Derby
Address: 3049 Senna Drive
Matthews NC 28105
Physicians Name: Brian Jerby MD
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Leaving a Legacy of Optimal Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Brian Jerby. As a medical doctor, I have dedicated my life to helping people attain the best health possible. One life transformed to good health leads to a healthy family which then leads to a healthy community. And, as a physician, that’s the legacy I would like to leave. Now you know why we call our practice “Legacy Health.” At Legacy Health, we’re on a mission to expose the root causes of disease and bodily dysfunction in every way that we can. Increasing numbers of scientific studies are supporting the ancient philosophy that good health starts with focusing on correcting gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction. When we achieve a healthier GI tract, we can then begin to reach for health in the whole of your person: Soul, mind, and body. To learn more about my approach to health, sign up for a free phone consultation to see if Legacy Health is right for you.

Office Phone Number: (980) 339-5155
Optimal Health Medicine Center
Address: Family Practice & Integrative/Holistic Medicine
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Treatment of Digestive Disorders, IBS, Chronic Fatigue.  Testing and Treatment of thyroid conditions.  Food intolerance/sensitivity testing.

Office Phone Number: 704-540-3737